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Droidekas Are Coming to 'EA Star Wars Battlefront II'

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Destroyers are finally coming to EA STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II. EA Star Wars and Lucasfilm have recently released this news in a community transmission found on the official forum for the game. You can view the transmission here. I'm going to recap some of the changes and additions coming in to the game in this month's update, which will be available for download June 26, 2019.

First, as the article title suggests, droidekas are finally coming to the game as reinforcements for the Separatists Alliance. You will be able to use the twin blaster cannons, roll in wheel mode, and use their shield.

Next up, the Galactic Republic will also get the TX-130 as a new vehicle reinforcement. The TX-130 tank has abilities like firing rockets and laser cannons. Perfect for destroying clankers.

Anakin will get a new appearance with this month's update. The "General Skywalker" look. It will cost 1,000 crystals or 40,000 credits.

The planet Naboo will also be added as a map for the Capital Supremacy game mode.

I want to talk about the future for a moment, too. EA Star Wars has also announced that the planet Felucia will makes its debut sometime in 2019. More information will be given in August.

Thank you to all the team at EA and DICE for keeping the game alive and strong. May the Force be with you all!

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