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Reminder: 'Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy' Out October 30th

Star Wars fans, don't forget to head to your local bookstore, on October 30th, to pick up STAR WARS: WOMEN OF THE GALAXY. This book is written by Amy Ratcliffe and illustrated by 18 talented artists, with a forward by Kathleen Kennedy. The official Star Wars website shared some artwork from the upcoming book, which you can see below.

Cryssy Cheung's Ahsoka Tano

Sara Alfageeh's Depa Billaba

Annie Stoll's Enfys Nest

Annie Stoll's Sabine Wren

Sarah Wilkinson's Ahsoka Tano

Sara Kipin's Ahsoka Tano

Elsa Charretier's Jyn Erso

Jen Bartel's Leia Organa

Geneva Bowers' Ciena Ree

Elsa Charretier's Doctor Aphra

Little Corvus' Captain Phasma

Karen Hallion's General Leia

As you can see, this book will be full of gorgeous artwork from all eras of the Star Wars Saga, including the animated television series, comic books, and novels. You can click here to pre-order. This book is definitely a must read for all Star Wars fans.

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