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'Star Wars Battlefront II' July Update

Updated: Mar 13

The July update for EA STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II comes out tomorrow (July 3rd). With it we will get a new game mode, alien skins, and a lot of major & minor changes to the overall game. Here are the most important details, in my opinion, from the July update community transmission and release notes:

"The July update, releasing on July 3 and titled "Hero Starfighters - a mode similar to Heroes vs Villains but based entirely in space.

Also mentioned:

"Added a Stamina cost to triggering block

Added a constant stamina cost to holding block

Added a delay before stamina regens after a lightsaber attack or block"

"New milestones related to Hero Showdown have also been added."

"Added the Sullustan appearance to the Resistance and Rebel version of Assault class"

You can read the full community transmission and release notes in links provided at the beginning of the article. Have fun playing. May the Force be with you.

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