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10 EA Star Wars Battlefront II Tips

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Welcome to another edition of Guru 10. Today, I will be sharing ten tips for EA STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II. The game recently had a major update on its progression system, so I hope you are all up to date. I want to first state that I am not even remotely good at this game. I'm sort of like that professional sports coach that sucked at playing the sport he/she coaches, but is great at coaching the game. Now that we have that covered, let's get into some tips.

1. Play the Objective (Starfighter Assault)

I know, I know. You want to play Starfighter Assault and fly around and blast enemy ships into pieces. As fun as that is, that isn't going to get your team a win. Learn to play each map's objectives and help your team win the match. Your score will be a lot higher if you play the objective instead of trying to get kills.

2. Use Captain Phasma During Heroes vs. Villains

When playing Heroes vs. Villains, you should definitely chose Phasma on the Villains side. Gather your team in a secure location and plant her First Order Sentry Droid. Hopefully, the heroes will come to you and the sentry droid will do its job. Shocking and shooting enemies. When enemies are shocked, this is the perfect time to pew pew pew and kill your enemies.

3. Be Mindful Where You Plant Your Shield

The squad shield can provide some much needed cover when you are being pinned down. One thing to keep in mind, though, is placement. If there is a turret in place, don't cover it up with the shield. If you see a teammate using their sentry, don't cover them up with the shield.

4. Spend Those Battle Points

Don't hoard your battle points. Spend them! Yea, I know you want to save them, so you can be your favorite hero or villain, but enforcers and vehicles can give your team the advantage in a tight situation. Your team needs you now, not later.

5. Stick Together

No matter what multiplayer mode you're playing, it is always best to stick together and work as a team. I would say this is even more important when playing Blast & Heroes vs. Villains. Stay close to one another and cover each other.

6. Ranking Up

The easiest way to rank up is by playing Heroes vs. Villains & Galactic Assault. Both of these modes will grant you a ton of score points, if you play the objective, help your team, and get eliminations. Ranking up only offers credits, though.

7. Practice In Arcade

A great way to test out star card combos is by playing Arcade mode. Learn which star cards best suit you, and which weapons you are best at using. This will improve your online game play.

8. Stinger Pistol

A great way to rack up eliminations and help your teammates is with the stinger pistol, used by the specialist class. You won't get too many kills with the stinger pistol, but you will definitely get those assists and help your team out a lot. If you are playing Blast, this is a great way to help your squad, especially if you all are sticking close together.

9. Go After the Target (Heroes vs. Villains)

When you are playing Heroes vs. Villains, it's important to go after the enemy target. A lot of players like to just go around the map killing random enemies, while the opposing team is going after the target. If you play that way,you get all those kills, but your team loses. Don't be that type of player.

10. The More You Play, The Better You Get

With the new progression update, the way to get your heroes, villains, ships, and troopers better is to play. Get the experience points needed to gain skill points.

With these tips in mind, go out and have some fun while playing EA Star Wars Battlefront II! May the Force be with you.

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