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The Archives: Son of Dathomir 3

Updated: Mar 12

Welcome to the third edition of The Archives, a place of knowledge and wisdom. For those new to The Archives, this is a blog series where I take a single comic book from the official Star Wars canon and give an in-depth look at the comic issue. You will learn where in the timeline the comic book takes place, some of my favorite highlights from the comic, and what connections it has to other Star Wars stories. Last time, I discussed SON OF DATHOMIR 2. This week I'll take you on a journey through the third part of the SON OF DATHOMIR series. There will be major spoilers to follow.

SON OF DATHOMIR 3 is written by Jeremy Barlow, penciled by Juan Frigeri, inked by Mauro Vargas, with cover art by Chris Scalf. This four part mini-series serves as an official continuation of the television series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. This comic book was adapted from PROXY WAR, which is an episode from the show that was scripted by Aïda Mashaka Croal and Matt Michnovetz. Had the show not been cancelled, this would have aired in what would have been the show's sixth season.

When Exactly Does SON OF DATHOMIR 3 Take Place?

The series takes place after THE CLONE WARS season five episode THE LAWLESS. It also takes place after the season six episode THE DISAPPEARED, PART II. SON OF DATHOMIR 3 picks up right where issue two left off.

Sidious and Talzin's chess match continues against each other in this issue. Maul has captured Dooku and Grievous, but is it all part of Sidious' plan? Those answers can be found in issue 4.

Highlights From Issue #3:

There are four moments that I especially love from SON OF DATHOMIR 3. The first being the moment when Darth Tyranus is told the truth about Mother Talzin and Maul's relationship. Mother Talzin is Darth Maul's mother. A surprise to Count Dooku, and the readers.

Another highlight from this comic is when General Grievous single handedly defeats several Mandalorian super commandos after escaping from Maul's clutches.

Fans of Darth Maul & Darth Tyranus will love this next moment. The two Sith team up together to face Obi-Wan Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Tiplee, and Mace Windu. Did you ever think that would be a thing? A shame we didn't get this on television.

The last highlight of issue 3 is the ending, which shows the mindset of the Jedi Order when it comes to their thoughts on who leads the Sith. The Jedi actually believe that Count Dooku is the Sith Master they've been looking for, with Maul being the apprentice. Oh, how wrong they are.


There are a couple of connections to the television series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS and STAR WARS REBELS. Jedi Master Tiplee, who first appeared in the season six episodes THE UNKNOWN and CONSPIRACY of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, makes an appearance in SON OF DATHOMIR 3. This is her first appearance in the series and it is also her last. This comic shows her ultimate fate at the hands of Count Dooku.

A location used in STAR WARS REBELS traces its origins to SON OF DATHOMIR 3. Vizsla Keep 09, which is seen in THE HOLOCRONS OF FATE in season three of STAR WARS REBELS, made its debut in this comic book. Maul first discovered the outpost in SON OF DATHOMIR 3 and uses it again in STAR WARS REBELS. I love the connections.

Tune in next week as The Archives will cover the finale of the SON OF DATHOMIR series! May the Force be with you.

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