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Where Are They Now?: General Kleeve

Updated: Mar 11

In this week's WHERE ARE THEY NOW?, I will talk about General Kleeve from Marvel's comic book series STAR WARS: KANAN. As always, this series will highlight characters whose fates are currently unknown in the Star Wars canon. Major spoilers for STAR WARS: KANAN to follow.

General Kleeve's first appearance is in issue 1 of Marvel's STAR WARS: KANAN. He is a general for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and leads the Separatist forces during the Battle of Kaller. Republic forces (led by Jedi Master Depa Billaba and her Padawan Caleb Dume) overpower the droid army, making Kleeve order the evacuation of the Confederacy's army.

Quick Facts:

  1. General Kleeve is a member of the Devaronian species

  2. His righy eye sports a cybernetic implant

  3. During the Dark Times, Kleeve went by the name "Jondo"

After retreating from the Battle of Kaller, General Kleeve leaves the planet to fall under Republic control. This Republic victory is short lived, since Order 66 happens shortly after the battle. With the Jedi betrayed by their clone troopers, and the droid forces shut down, the Republic is reorganized into a Galactic Empire. This doesn't go well for Kleeve, who is now wanted for being a Separatist war criminal.

We next see Kleeve in issue 4 of Marvel's STAR WARS: KANAN. He is now a smuggler known as "Jondo," who trades stolen goods for stolen goods. The person he is delivering his stolen goods to is non other than Caleb Dume, his enemy during the Battle of Kaller. Both Caleb and Kleeve have one thing in common now: being enemies of the Empire.

Kleeve and Caleb have a quick discussion about how they were enemies on the opposite side of the war. It's interesting to note that Kleeve honestly believed he was fighting for freedom, but put his faith in a corrupt government.

In issue 5 of STAR WARS: KANAN, Kleeve helps Caleb escape from Imperial clone troopers, who are still trying to eliminate him since he evaded Order 66. After rescuing Caleb from the clones, they part ways. Kleeve is one of the few people to know Caleb's past as a Jedi.

We don't see Kleeve again until issue #8, which is set before the events of issues 1-5 in the series. His appearance in #8 is brief, and shows Kleeve present at a Separatist meeting discussing an attack on the Jedi Temple. Kleeve seems to express some doubt in attacking the Jedi Temple, but his concerns are quickly dismissed and overlooked.

Kleeve, again, as a brief appearance in issue #9. We see him on the planet Kardoa. He is seen arguing with a Separatist colonel about whether or not they should attack Republic forces who are also on the planet. Kleeve believes they should not risk an engagement, but he is called by Count Dooku to lead the Battle of Kaller, so he leaves. The Battle of Kaller is when we first see Kleeve in issue #1.

The last time we see Kleeve is in the present day of STAR WARS REBELS season 1. The Ghost crew are on the planet Lahn, and Ezra gets into some trouble with some stormtroopers. He is rescued by a figure from Kanan's past (though Ezra doesn't know the person). When Ezra's savior returns to his ship, he is greeted by Kleeve, his partner, who asks him what took so long.

Kleeve is never heard from again after these events. Is Kleeve still around during the later seasons of STAR WARS REBELS? Has the general-turned-smuggler met his fate? Would you like to know what became of him? Let me know in the comments below.

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