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Mando Spotlight: The Protectors

Updated: Mar 11

In this article, I will be discussing the Mandalorian Protectors. They are also known as the Journeyman Protectors, or simply the Protectors.

The Mandalorian Protectors serve as elite guards for the ruler of Mandalore. Think of them as like a kingsguard or queensguard. During the Clone Wars, the Protectors serve as royal bodyguards to the New Mandalorian leader, Duchess Satine Kryze. In season 3 of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, Satine goes on to state that the Protectors are "the only ones I can trust," showing that she has a great deal of trust in their loyalty.

Some elements from their design in THE CLONE WARS have found their way into STAR WARS REBELS (as seen with the chest piece on Fenn Rau's armor).

Could Fenn Rau be one of Satine's guards in THE CLONE WARS episodes we see? A question for the Lucasfilm Story Group.

Even though Mandalore had turned its back on violence and its warrior clans, the Journeyman Protectors are one of the few warrior traditions to be kept alive. In season 3 of the television series STAR WARS REBELS, we learn that the Protectors "are loyal to the throne," and "they recruit the best warriors from within all the clans."

In the Marvel comic STAR WARS: KANAN 10 FIRST BLOOD, PART IV: THE MESAS OF MYGEETO, we see Fenn Rau and the Protectors fight with the Galactic Republic against Separatist forces in the Clone War.

At some point during the reign of the Empire, the Protectors had moved to Concord Dawn where they were allied with the Empire under the leadership of Fenn Rau. Fenn would eventually change sides and join the Rebellion, after being captured by rebels.

So far, the Protectors have appeared in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, STAR WARS REBELS, and STAR WARS: KANAN. Read their official entry in the Star Wars Databank by clicking here. Would you like to see more of the Mandalorian Protectors?

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