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My Clone Wars Protest

Updated: Mar 10

As I watch STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS early in the A.M. on a Saturday morning, I began to think about the clone troopers and the fact that the Jedi just use them as objects, no different than the Separatist droids. Honestly, are the Jedi morally right for just leading the clones into battle? I think the Separatist did right to use droids instead of clones like the Republic. This is what I think about the Republic and the Jedi for their use of clones. I would first like to make it clear that if these clones had a choice in whether they wanted to join the military, I would not have a problem. It's different to use clones that have been created for the sole purpose of dying in a war that both sides are destined to lose. So in the end they really fought for nothing.

First, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas was wrong for deciding to create a clone army. As a Jedi, he should respect all life forms. This act goes against that line of thought. He is creating life for the sole purpose of controlling these people and making them fight for the Jedi. Am I the only one who sees how messed up this is? Most of you know that I am no fan of the Jedi. They have a long list of crimes that I could go on about, but I will stay on topic and only focus on this one. Granted, the Jedi Council didn't know what Sifo-Dyas did, so I can't be upset with them for his doing, but after they found out about the clones they were quick to use them. I can't believe no one on the Council said, "Hey. Shouldn't we ask these guys if they want to fight for us? Should we at least tell them what's going on?" Nope. The Jedi Council saw an opportunity to get a valuable asset and they took it.

Secondly, am I the only person who thinks the process of age acceleration is messed up on so many levels? The Jedi Council didn't have a say in growth acceleration, but they could have put an end to it. How cruel is it to not only make these clones fight, but after the Republic is done with them they want to have them die as quickly as possible. They want us to think the reason was because no fully trained warrior could be created in such little time, but we know Palpatine probably wanted the clones out the picture after the war anyway. This is what really makes me feel sorry for the clones. They don't even get to enjoy a full life. How could the "protectors" of "peace and justice" allow something like this to take place...right under their watch?

To some citizens of the Galactic Republic, this act was wrong. I think if I lived in the Star Wars universe I might be one of these protesters with signs saying, "Stop cloning violence." Just like these ladies and gentlemen who protested at the Jedi Temple. To the Jedi and Republic, the clones were just property. I think they were so much more. A shame they never got to live the life they wanted to live.

I can't be the only Star Wars fan out there that thinks this way? Do you think the clone troopers should have gotten a choice in whether or not they want to fight in the war? Should the Republic have used droids like the Confederacy did? I would love to know what your thoughts on the matter are.

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