New Reinforcements Coming to 'EA Star Wars Battlefront II'

Some amazing news for my fellow STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II fans! ARC Troopers and Commando Droids are coming to the game THIS MONTH. DICE's Ben Walke tweeted two GIFs giving fans a look at the ARC Trooper and Commando Droid models. You can see them below. For more details on the upcoming March update check out the Community Transmission here. The update is expected to be released March 26, 2019. #EAStarWars #BehindtheScenes #StarWarsGames #News

'EA Star Wars Battlefront II' March Calendar

EA Star Wars has released the STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II community calendar for the month of March. Below you can see what we can expect from the game this month. This month you should have no problem racking up those XP points. We also have a new game mode to look forward to. I don't know about you, but I still have fun playing this game. EA Star Wars has really kept this game up with their free updates. Great job to all of you at EA and Lucasfilm. See you all on Xbox One. #EAStarWars #StarWarsGames #News

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