Guru Review: 'The Phantom Menace'

With the release of THE LAST JEDI, a lot of people have asked for my review of the film. It was then that it occurred to me I haven't released my official review for any of the Star Wars films. So, I will start with EPISODE I and give my official review of each movie. There will be major spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the film. EPISODE I is a very lighthearted film, and one of the more humorous movies of the Star Wars saga. For those who watched the Original Trilogy first, the comedy is not like that in the first three Star Wars films. We get a lot of slapstick comedy, especially in the form of Jar Jar Binks. This isn't a bad thing, though. Even the Original Trilogy had plenty of humor,

The Archives: Son of Dathomir 2

Welcome to the second edition of The Archives, a place of knowledge and wisdom. For those new to The Archives, it is a blog series where I take a single comic book from the official Star Wars canon and give an in-depth look at the comic issue. You will learn where in the timeline the comic book takes place, some of my favorite highlights from the comic, and what connections it has to other Star Wars stories. Last time, I discussed SON OF DATHOMIR 1. This week I'll take you on a journey through the second part of the SON OF DATHOMIR series. There will be major spoilers to follow. SON OF DATHOMIR 2 is written by Jeremy Barlow, penciled by Juan Frigeri, inked by Mauro Vargas, with cover art by

Droid Training for 'The Last Jedi'

Lucasfilm has released a featurette from behind the scenes of EPISODE VIII. It features Anthony Daniels training some actors on how to be droid waiters in a scene from THE LAST JEDI. Watch the video below. THE LAST JEDI comes to cinemas next week on December 15, 2017. See you there! May the Force be with you. #BehindtheScenes #StarWarsMovies #SequelTrilogyEra #News

Behind the Scenes Look at the Training for Episode VIII

Lucasfilm has released a new behind the scenes video for THE LAST JEDI. This video shows how the cast of EPISODE VIII prepared physically for the film. Watch the video below. THE LAST JEDI is just around the corner. Will you be watching the film on opening night, December 15? Let me know in the comments below. #BehindtheScenes #StarWarsMovies #SequelTrilogyEra #News

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